Just as you have about 6 seconds upon meeting someone to make a good first visual impression, so does your home. Create an outstanding one, using some of these modern front yard landscaping ideas, and your guests will feel both impressed and welcome. Potential buyers will be knocking on your door before you’re even ready to sell.

To obtain a modern design for your front yard, choose the appropriate materials. Concrete, for example, is a straightforward and practical choice that we use throughout the following tips because it’s both modern and mixes well with planters, organic plant material, and lighting.

Start with flower beds

Colorful, cute, and fancy flowers do a lot of magic all on their own but how they are displayed could make the difference between a modern landscape and a messy one. Flower beds let you organize the display by color, size, and design.

Concrete and greenery combination

Path stones floating in a sea of vibrant green grass is a beautiful mix of geometry, function, and organic nature. Concrete is such a versatile material; homeowners can take advantage of it to add personal style to their pathways with different, patterns, shapes, and textures.

Front yard fence

Enormous walls of fencing around the front yard is a pretty old school concept and don’t look or feel very inviting, but there is a way to add both privacy and beauty with fence partitions in the front yard. That is several feet of a fence or rendered wall added to areas of the front yard that look exposed. Using wood fencing horizontally, introducing climbing plants or small shrubs, and adding a built-in bench are all ways to make this concept even more modern.

Sunken planters

Sunken planters are a wonderful way to introduce flowers with a minimalist presentation. If you live in a four-seasons region, you won’t have to worry about large planters and urns being knocked over by high winds. What sunken planters are, in essence, are steel rings used to create wells around trees—hardly any digging necessary, and they look fabulous with dramatic lighting.

Outdoor seating out front

Does a front porch make you think of rocking chairs and porch swings? Then you haven’t left Star’s Hollow in a while because the modern way to dress a front porch is with all the kinds of things you’d find inside, but made to withstand the outdoors. Start with a rug and top with sectional seating and plenty of cushions. Add mounted lighting or the more whimsical string style, and finish with a basket of blankets to pass around on cooler nights. Add greenery to suit and don’t blame us if the neighbors can’t help but stop by several times a week to share some wine.

A water feature

A water feature out back is divine, but a water feature out front will set the tone for the rest of the home in a dramatic way. You don’t have to have a big circular driveway with a Trevi-like fountain in the middle. A wall-mounted font or a concrete urn with water plants is subtle, romantic, and much easier on your utility bills.

Light up the pathway

Never underestimate the importance of lighting in the front yard. Retire the usual lamps and lanterns and trade them in for something more artistic, like different path lights, step lights, or the kind you find hidden in faux rocks.